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The Mabel's Labels Journey: A Case Study

In this case study we’ll walk through how AddShoppers OMP lifts Mabel’s Labels conversion on cart abandon, boosts their overall conversion rate, and increases their revenue YoY.

What you'll learn

Current eCommerce statistics have shown marketers how important a focus on lifting conversion rates, average order value (AOV), and average revenue per visitor (ARPV) is to a brand’s success. Mabel’s Labels, an international and US based office supplier, recognized that site optimization was necessary in order to boost their KPIs.

As an AddShoppers client for close to 2 years, Mabel’s Labels has been through the complete gamut of AddShoppers campaigns. Their recent endeavor with us was undergoing a trial of the Shopper Portal for the holiday shopping weekend.

In this case study, we’ll walk through how Mabel’s Labels consistently:

  • Sees a 72% conversion on cart abandonment
  • Boosted their overall conversion rate by 18.86%
  • Increased their revenue 16.79% YoY
  • and more!

About the speaker

Peter Messmer

As the first employee at AddShoppers, Peter loves helping eCommerce brands sell more with powerful marketing. Sometimes known as The Big Cat, you can find him leaping over small individuals and pumping not-so-serious iron in his spare time.

LinkedIn | @TheBigCatSays

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