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Our average client realizes a 12x ROI.

Learn how AddShoppers helps leading retailers sell more

The AddShoppers onsite commerce marketing platform helps over 10,000 brands worldwide including the IR Top 1,000.

  • Capture more email addresses
  • Increase social sharing, referrals, & sales
  • Boost conversion rates + AOV
  • and more!

The AddShoppers Platform

Onsite marketing Apps that drive more sharing & traffic, capture more email addresses, and boost conversion rates.

  • Social Analytics
  • ROI Tracking
  • Sharing Buttons
  • Social Login
  • Trending Wall
  • Purchase Sharing
  • Refer-a-Friend
  • Social Contests
  • Social Rewards
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Smart Retargeting
  • Facebook Retargeting

Our average client boasts a 12x ROI and refers 3 new clients.

"Their new sharing buttons averaged $4.45 revenue per share (user shares then places an order) and $0.27 revenue per click on average (user clicks on a shared link).

The final ROI on the “10% off” social rewards campaign with AddShoppers was 1,535.3%. I’m a really big fan!” - Christopher Hamze

"AddShoppers has helped get the word out there and create a buzz about our program." - Elizabeth Alexander

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