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"AddShoppers is the silver lining to social media for merchants."


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Analytics, Social, Referrals, and Targeting together at last.

Trending Wall
Recommend trending products for increased AOV. 

Social Login
Easy customer login and registration.

Your site could sell more.

Social Analytics
Identify influencers, trending products, social revenue, and more.

Sharing Buttons
Smart sharing purpose-built for eCommerce.

Upgrade your website with AddShoppers

Increase referrals, conversion rate, and AOV

Watch your revenue grow!

Social Rewards
Incentivize sharing for lower shopping cart abandonment.

Grow sales with referral marketing campaigns.

Smart Retargeting
Use your social data for better performing ads across the Web. 

Behavioral Targeting
Target your customers with the right offer at the perfect time.

We work with over 10,000 brands worldwide.

"Their new sharing buttons averaged $4.45 revenue per share (user shares then places an order) and $0.27 revenue per click on average.)

The final ROI on the “10% off” social rewards campaign with AddShoppers was 1,535.3%.  I'm a really big fan!"

Christopher Hamze
O'Neill Clothing


We had two goals when we started this contest: add emails to our customer email list and increase product sharing. We needed a way to track unique product shares and link those influencers that shared to the contest. Using AddShoppers yielded a 167% growth in social sharing, 213% more clicks, and a 214% growth in influencers. We also saw our orders increase 100%.

Cody Kratzer
Lighting New York

Cody Krazter

Lighting New York

It fills in all the voids that we otherwise would have had to spend a lot of effort and resources developing ourselves.

Peter Fougerousse
Rosenberry Rooms

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