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5 Ways to Boost Mobile Conversion Rates

Presented by AddShoppers

What You'll Learn

Didn’t see the Black Friday and Cyber Monday conversion rates you'd planned on? We might know why...

Thanksgiving & Black Friday online sales hit a record $4.5 billion dollars this year with 34% of all purchases made on mobile devices. Many eCommerce brands didn't maximize their revenue during the shopping holidays due to a less-than-optimal mobile shopping experience for their customers.

In this webinar, you'll learn 5 ways to drive higher conversion rates from your mobile shoppers. The insights we'll reveal include:

  • Mobile first. Be 1st. What does that mean?
  • Micro Moments vs Secondary Conversions: What are they and how can they boost conversion rates?
  • Mobile registration strategies to improve mobile checkout experience
  • How to use personalization to maximize mobile conversions
  • Campaigns that increase email captures and referral traffic from mobile visitors 

Make sure your mobile strategy is rock solid as smartphones and tablets continue to grow while desktop usage declines.

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About the speaker

Chad Ledford

Chad has served numerous roles as one of the Co-founders of AddShoppers and is currently helping to build the sales and marketing departments. He began his entrepreneurial journey 15 years ago while selling socks door to door out of the back of a van to local business owners across the south-east. From there he moved the business online in the early 2000’s to create the largest online sock store which was ranked as the 4th fastest growing retail company in the US before it was sold mid 2014.

LinkedIn | @ChadLedford


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